The Chia Fan foundation was founded in memory of Mr. Fan Chia for his life-long dedication towards fostering and educating students and young adults.

Mr. Fan Chia was born in Manchu, China in 1917, graduated from Dong-Bei University, in Sheng Young, and arrived in Taiwan, R.O.C, in 1949. Mr. Fan Chia joined National Chengchi University in 1960, where he served as both an administrator and professor until his retirement in 1987. During his tenure in National Chengchi University, he devoted much of his time towards helping overseas Chinese students who came to Taiwan to study. Mr. Fan Chia passed away in Taipei, Taiwan, on March 21, 2010. This foundation was established in memory of him, to continue his legacy and humble yet persistent approach towards life and helping others. The Chia Fan foundation is a private foundation funded and operated by his friends and family. The foundation does not solicit nor accept public donations.